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Bibliothèque Interuniversitaire de Montpellier, Content of Ms. H 125 (800 - 850) which has been linked with edition texts

Persius 10=1v:  Saturae, Prooemium   11=2r: I   15=4r20II   18=5v9III   22=7v12IV   24=8v7V   30=11v25VI  
Iuvenalis 34=13v:  Saturae, I   39=16r28II   45=19r25III   56=24v28IV   62=27v10V   68=30v12VI   91=42r: VII   99=46r16VIII   109=51r: IX   114=53v11X   126=59v29XI   134=63v6XII   138=65v22XIII   147=70r14XIV   158=75v27XV   164=78v28XVI  

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